This directory is distributed to every downtown Maple Ridge BIA business and service provider. Purpose: A Resource Directory for day to day use, providing mostly “local” contact numbers, in case of possible emergencies or issues.

How anti-social behaviour affects us:

Anti social behaviour impacts negatively on all people, young and old, in all communities. It reduces the quality of life for all residents.
Graffiti doesn't look good and has a huge impact on our communities, not to mention the costs of cleaning it up.

Why does Anti-Social Behaviour happen?
There are many factors that could cause the risk of anti-social behaviour happening.

What you can do?
Do not confront or say anything to a person demonstrating anti social behaviour. Any concerns, or other community safety issues, please do not hesitate to contact RM RCMP at 604-463-6251, or in case of an emergency call 911.

You can download the current Resource Brochure here.