Crime against business makes up a significant part of all recorded crime. Unfortunately, it is believed few of these incidents are actually reported.  Crime against business has an impact on business productivity, staff morale and the community. Staff are often reluctant to report incidents to the police for many reasons. You can do something about it.  Report it!

The police want every incident reported, to help them focus their attention on the problem areas and prevent further losses.

We encourage you to report crime to the police in the usual way, in the first instance. Information collected via crime statistics are used to determine policing strategies and staffing allocations. If we do not report crime, we will not receive adequate policing service in the area.

In Canada, approximately half of all crimes are reported to the police.  It is likely that more than 50 per cent of all crimes that take place are witnessed by neighbours looking out of their windows, by a person walking a dog, and hearing the sounds of breaking glass, or by a driver observing a person swerving all over the road. Why don’t people report crime?  In most cases it is because they don’t want to get involved, they are afraid of being wrong, or they are not sure what to do.

A five-minute delay in reporting crime reduces the chance of catching a criminal by 65 per cent. It is your duty as a citizen to report all crime.

The emergency number for reporting a crime in progress is 911
(occurring crime, when people injured, or injury risk exists)

The phone number for non-emergency complaint calls is 604-463-6251
(everything else: crime event passed, graffiti, vandalism)