In July 2007, the BIA has adopted and launched a trespass management program in cooperation with the RCMP, Westridge Security and Maple Ridge Bylaw officers. The program creates a process which will allow the RCMP, Bylaws officers and Westridge Security staff to remove trespassers from business properties without the difficulties of the past.

Businesses and Property Owners who wish to participate in the program will be provided signage and notification materials to diplay in their businesses and on their properties. The display of the signage will enable officials to remove trespassers or loiterers from the property whenever your business is closed, or from unoccupied property.

In conjunction with this program, the BIA is contracting Westridge Security to patrol the downtown area for 10 hrs per day / 7 days per week. The hours for each night will vary to avoid patrol pattern recognition and predictibility. Westridge will remove trespassers as well as observe and report directly to the RCMP any worriesome or possibly criminal activity.